Our huge success at Ormside Mill in 2022

Our huge success at Ormside Mill in 2022

In 2021, our trustees made the decision to invest in our young people through the great outdoors. For a lot of young people, outdoor pursuits activity residential weekends are one of the best weekends they have and gives them life-long memories. However for some young people, these residential weekends aren’t accessible due to cost. Therefore the decision was made to help fund the cost of the accommodation at Ormside Mill Residential Centre for our affiliated clubs. Grace, our DofE and Club’s Engagement Officer was also brought on to support clubs logistically in the planning and delivering of their trip, and what a difference all of this has made. We have had more young poeple at Ormside Mill more than any other year before! Check out the stats

5 Affiliated clubs

7 Trips

73 Young people

25 Volunteers & staff

20 Nights at Ormside Mill

17 Nights funded by GMYF

33 Outdoor pursuit activity sessions


We know the importance of a young person’s personal development when stepping out of their comfort zone, trying something new, experiences new environments and becoming more independent whilst on a residential trip. Throughout 2022 we have been measuring the impact their trip to Ormside Mill has had on them, and once again, the stats speak for themselves!


84% of young people felt happier

94% of young people wanted to continue to try news things

79% of young people felt more confident

We can’t wait to see how many barriers we can break and see more young lives changing throughout 2023.


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