Ormside Mill Bookings

Ormside Mill Bookings

Ormside Mill in 2023

Adventure activity residential trips

We believe that outdoor pursuits enable young people to build new skills, resilience, teamwork and generally have some fun. The Greater Manchester Youth Federation’s review of activities has led us to a decision to invest more of time and resources into using Ormside Mill.

The costing and logistics

We have now pre-booked dates at Ormside Mill for 2023 for any club that is affiliated to us! We pre-book dates at Ormside Mill to ensure there is always availability to any youth club during the most popular times of the year. We want as many clubs and young people to be able to experience a trip full of adventure activities, where they can enjoy being in the countryside, push themselves through exciting challenges and personally develop whilst there.

To help get as many groups up there, we have some funding available to help with part of the costs of a trip! We will also be able to help logistically plan your trip, and for most of the dates on we have pre-booked, can be at Ormside Mill to support and help on any trips.

If you know these dates won’t work for your club, there are more available, so please let me know ASAP so we can also pre-book those for you. We will be working on a first-come first serve basis for these dates.

In 2022 we have had 7 different group trips with a total of 73 young people from Greater Manchester, and next year we want so many more to go up!

If any of the below dates are good, please get in touch with Grace on 07384981045 or [email protected]

Friday 31st March – Thursday 6th April (Easter Holidays)

Friday 12th May – Sunday 14th May

Friday 23rd June – Sunday 24th June

Friday 30th June – Sunday 2nd July

Friday 21st July – Sunday 30th July (1st week of the Summer Holidays)

Friday 4th August – Sunday 6th August (Summer Holidays)

Friday 25th August – Monday 28th August (August Bank Holiday Weekend)

Friday 6th October – Sunday 8th October

Friday 27th October – Sunday 29th October (1st weekend of October Half Term)

Ormside Mill can fit 19 people, and more if camping, but the mill comfortably accommodates 12 young people 2 supervisory adults and is recommended to stay a minimum of 2 nights.

Other costs

GMYF will fund the cost of the accommodation at Ormside Mill and the club will need to consider how they fund the other costs.

  • Cost of activities (see indicative pricing of activities on the last page)
  • Food (self-catering)
  • Transport

Our Duke of Edinburgh and Club’s Engagement Officer Grace will be able to help you book an incredible trip, help guide you in organising logistics and can be available for the trip to help lead on outdoor activities alongside the outdoor instructors at Ormside Mill.