After School Grub Hub

After School Grub Hub


We have recently started a weekly after school provision aimed at high school aged young people.  Food is provided at no charge to our visitors and there is opportunity for a quiet space to complete homework, play board games, to relax and make friends.

A couple of sample menu’s can be seen here along with photo’s of the available food. It has got off to a slow start with only a couple of young visitors but those young people have been fed and the remaining food has been demolished by our youth club members at the later session. So everyone is a winner.

The food is prepared by a fantastic volunteer, Claire who also manages the kitchen at a local Primary School. Her input and commitment is hugely valued by us.

Through our use of social media and our contacts with local schools and wider community word is spreading  about our free food offer and in time we believe it will become a weekly staple for lots more young people.

County lines is a concern to us here in Partington as it is throughout Greater Manchester and we are keen to provide a safe place, a warm meal and the reassurance of our staff team to be on hand for young people who may otherwise have no where to go immediately after school.

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