Behaviour Code

Behaviour Code

Partington Youth Centre BEHAVIOUR CODE

This behaviour code aims to make sure that everyone who participates in our services knows what is expected of them and feels safe, respected, and valued.

It aims to:
 identify acceptable and unacceptable behaviour
 encourage cooperation, honesty, fairness, and respect
 create an environment where your self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence will grow
 encourage you to recognise and respect the rights of others
 encourage you to take responsibility for your own behaviour
 help resolve conflicts and make it clear what will happen if you decide not to follow the code


 cooperate with others
 be friendly
 listen to others
 be helpful
 have good manners
 treat everyone with respect
 take responsibility for your own behaviour
 take good care of the equipment and facilities
 talk to us about anything that worries or concerns you
 follow this code of behaviour and other rules (including the law)
 join in and have fun!

X be disrespectful to anyone else
X bully anyone (online or offline)
X behave in a way that could be intimidating
X be abusive towards anyone
X smoke or consume alcohol/drugs


What happens if I decide not to follow this code of behaviour?

We expect everyone to follow the behaviours set out in this code. If you behave in a way that contradicts any of the points set out above, we’ll address the problem straight away with
parent/carer involvement and aim to resolve the issue.

Continued issues and repeated breaches of this code may result in you being asked to leave the activity or event and not being able to take part in our events in the future for the welfare of
others. This is something we never want to do.

Greater Manchester Youth Federation’s Safeguarding Policy can be found at