Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure


working name Greater Manchester Youth Federation




The Greater Manchester Trust for Recreation operating as Greater Manchester Youth Federation (“GMYF”) is a registered charity in England and Wales number 521234. We are a charitable trust.

Our mission statement is:

“Our aim is to deliver a year-round programme of recreational and educational opportunities to young people, volunteers and leaders within our affiliated clubs that encourages them to reach their full potential.”

We are committed to providing high quality services to our affiliated clubs and to those who use our services. We welcome feedback, both positive and negative, to help us to improve our services.

We recognise that sometimes users of our services may feel that the services provided have fallen short of what they expect. If that happens we want to know about it.

We treat any complaint made seriously, will do everything we can to put things right, including apologising where appropriate and will take steps to stop the issue happening again.



Stage 1

Sometimes issues can be resolved informally by speaking directly to the person involved, letting them know what you are unhappy about and how you would like the matter to be resolved. However, if you wish to make a complaint or you are still unhappy after raising the matter informally, please contact:

Lisa Hall

T: 0161 660 4091

E: [email protected]

alternatively, if Lisa Hall is the subject of the complaint please contact:

Karen Wilson DL

T: 0161 660 4091

E: [email protected]

When contacting us please let us know the nature of your complaint and how you would like it to be resolved.

After you make a complaint we will respond as follows:

  • we will acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days
  • we will respond to your complaint within 14 working days

Stage 2

If you are unhappy with our response to your complaint you should let us know by writing to the chair of the Trustees at:

Chair of the Trustees

Greater Manchester Youth Federation

Partington Youth & Community Centre

Moss Lane, Partington

Manchester, M31 4FA

E: [email protected]

You should let the Chair know why you are dissatisfied with our response and what you would like us to do.

Your complaint will be considered at the next meeting of the board of Trustees. We will let you know the date of that meeting and will provide you with the Trustees response to your complaint within 7 working days of the meeting taking place.

If we are unable to comply with any of the time scales set out above we will let you know and explain the reason for the delay.



If  you remain dissatisfied you can contact the Fundraising Regulator if your complaint is about fundraising ( or the  Charity Commission ( for other areas of our work.



We keep records of complaints made, including information relating to those making a complaint. For information about how we collect and use personal information and on your data protection rights please see our privacy notice at