Privacy Notice for Children and Young People

Privacy Notice for Children and Young People

Who are we?


Welcome to our privacy notice. We are The Greater Manchester Trust for Recreation. You probably know us better as Greater Manchester Youth Federation (GMYF). We are a charitable trust and a registered charity. We organise and run events, activities, competitions and courses for children and
young people.

We are what is called ‘the controller’. This means we have control over your personal information and who it is shared with. This privacy notice is for the children/young people who take part in our activities and their parents/carers. It lets you know what personal information we collect and how and what we use it for. You can find a lot more information on data privacy in our full Privacy Notice on our web site at


What Personal Information do we collect about You?

We may collect and use personal information about you such as:

  • your name, address, email address and phone number
  • your date of birth/age
  • your gender
  • your club and what you do there
  • your next of kin, family members and emergency contacts
  • records of your taking part in competitions and activities including competition results and rankings
  • for boxing competitions, your medical record card
  • photos and videos of you
  • your story for a case study
  • records of when we were in contact with each other or when you asked us to do something
  • information on how you use our web site and services
  • other information you give us or which other people give us

Sometimes we may collect and use more sensitive types of personal information (called special category personal information) such as what part of the world you or your family are originally from and information about your health. We only do this when we have a good reason under the law.


How do we collect your personal information?


We collect personal information from:

You! such as when you register to attend one of our GMYF youth clubs, register with one of our GMFY Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Centres, or register for an event, or enter a competition, or get in touch with us

Other People such as

  • your club e.g. when they tell us you want to take part in an event or competition
  • other clubs that are affiliated to us
  • your family

When you visit our web site we place small text files on your computer (or other electronic device) which collect information. These are called cookies (not the biscuit!). There’s more information about what cookies are and why we use them in our Cookies policy on our web site.

Surveillance Cameras: Our head office at Partington Youth and Community Centre operates a live stream surveillance camera with no audio function and an intercom surveillance camera with audio function. The fixed cameras cover the front entrance to the building and do show a small section of the street of Moss Lane. The centre uses the surveillance cameras for the purpose of security and safety of staff, visitors, and young people. The location of the cameras are clearly marked with prominent signs. Images and audio captured are live feed only with no function to record and therefore no images are retained or stored however, we may on rare occasions record or take images using a mobile device, for the purposes of collecting evidence of criminal activity.


How do we use your personal information?


We use your personal information so that we can run and promote our charity, provide our services and so that you can take part in GMYF activities, events and competitions.

We only use your personal information when the law allows us. This includes when you say it’s OK e.g. we may ask you (and/or your parent/guardian) to use a photo or video of you or to use your story for a case study. If you say it’s OK you can change your mind at any time and tell us to stop. Just get in touch with us.


Who do we share your personal information with?


Sometimes we have to share information with others to help run our charity and to provide our services to children and young people. For example:

  • our staff and volunteers including our trustees
  • our affiliated clubs e.g. when you enter a competition
  • organisations that provide services to us such as computer services
  • our professional advisors such as our lawyers and accountants
  • organisations that give us money
  • government authorities and our regulators, such as the Charity Commission and the police
  • sometimes we may need to share your information if you are at risk of harm to yourself or others

How long do we keep your personal information for?


We collect your personal information for different reasons and so keep it for different lengths of time. When deciding how long to keep it for we think about what sort of personal information it is, the harm that could be caused if it was used in a way it shouldn’t, why we are using it and what we have to do by law and to deal with money and tax.


Is your personal information safe?


We have put in place security measures to make sure your personal information doesn’t get lost or used in a way it shouldn’t. Outside Europe the laws to keep your personal information safe are different. We make sure your personal information is protected if we transfer and store it outside of Europe.


Your Rights

There are lots of things you can ask us to do with your personal information. You can ask us to:

  • tell you what information we hold about you and to have a copy of this information
  • correct information you think is wrong
  • delete information when it’s not needed anymore
  • stop using your information in a certain way
  • stop sending you marketing material
  • send your personal information to you or another organisation

Sometimes these rights do not apply or apply only in a limited way. You can find out more about your rights from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) (, the organisation in charge of how personal information is kept safe. If something goes wrong you can also complain to the ICO. However, we would really like the chance to sort it out first.



If you want to talk to us about your personal information or have any questions, please contact our data privacy manager at:

Greater Manchester Youth Federation

Partington Youth & Community Centre

Moss Lane, Partington

Manchester, M31 4FA

T: 0161 660 4091

E: [email protected]