Gorse Hill ‘Challenge Club’ spruce up …

Gorse Hill ‘Challenge Club’ spruce up …

 The provision available to young members at Gorse Hill Studios, Trafford is diverse and interesting, its a pleasure to be able to  share the impact of youth work provision across Greater Manchester and demonstrate the change this valuable resource can make to our communities.


The ‘Saturday Challenge’ youth group is for young people with SEND and together with The Conservation Volunteers they did some work to plane bulbs at Gorse Hill Park in preparation for next spring. TCV are a UK wide group who strive to improve our green spaces and improve mental and physical health by encouraging others to join them in their community work 



“The group loved getting their hands in the soil and felt rebellious digging up their local park! They cant wait to watch the bulbs grow next Spring.”


A huge well done and thank you to all involved. We look forward to seeing the fruits of your labour next spring.

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