Equal Education Chances Ormside Challenge!

Equal Education Chances Ormside Challenge!

Equal Education Chances are a wide reaching Manchester based community provision. Their services include’ women wellbeing sessions’,’ women empowerment’, ‘youth work’ and ‘community outreach’ They affiliated with Greater Manchester Youth Federation in January of this year and last weekend, saw them make their second visit to stay at Ormside Mill. In the words of Peace Olanrewaju, here is an update on the trip.

” It was a fantastic trip! We are very grateful for the opportunity, all the young people loved the activities (even though they were challenging), and we really saw how well they worked as a team and supported each other during their stay. It was great to see friendships develop and self-confidence blossom.


We look forward to continuing similar activities and opportunities that challenge and transform the lives of so many young people


Thank you once again ”

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